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Tuesday July 7, 2015

Behind The Scenes Part 2

Tuesday July 7, 2015

Behind The Scenes Part 1

Thursday June 25, 2015

This is the story of Kate Morgan

Friday June 19, 2015

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Thursday June 18, 2015

‘Extra Ordinary’ Available now!

Tuesday June 16, 2015

Kate Morgan’s new single EXTRA ORDINARY is now available on iTunes Click here to download!

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Tuesday June 9, 2015

My new single EXTRA ORDINARY comes out in one week on iTunes, June 16th. ONE WEEK. Can’t believe we’re finally here. Thank you all for the support and patience. It’s all about to happen. Xo



Monday June 8, 2015

The next chapter starts. Please stay tuned. Thank you. Xoxo

A letter from Kate

Hi, I'm Kate.

Perhaps you have known me for years, or maybe you're just listening to my music for the first time; if you're interested in my songs, you may want to know a little about me too.

I am going to leave the career facts out of this. These will surely find their way into an official "bio" somewhere along the line. I'm proud of the facts but I want this to be a bit more personal. I want you to know me, and perhaps get a glance into the beautiful chaos that created "Heartbreakers and Hell Raisers".

I love to write pop songs. I love finding the perfect words for the perfect melody. I love finding a way to boil down complex emotions into something everyone can understand, into something I can understand. Being a songwriter is probably the biggest part of my identity. I'm proud to say that I was a writer on every song on my album and even wrote one of them solo. This is how I got started in the business and this is how I will carry on. The last few years have been a ride, the roller coaster kind. Although overused, that metaphor is one of my favorites and I feel like It really does highlight the sporadic ups and downs of a career in music. And usually when the climb is the steepest, the fall is the most dramatic, troubling, exhilarating... I've had a few along the way.

I have a record coming out on a major label this summer and am songwriting in my downtime in beautiful, and not-so beautiful, studios all over LA, Toronto and Vancouver. I can't tell you how grateful I really am for all of this. I've never really figured out the whole religion thing, but I can't help but feel someone out there on my side, by any measure it certainly feels like an 'up' these days.

I'm a risk taker. I follow my gut and my heart and a try not to over think things. I like that about myself. Yes, it's caused me to make some mistakes, but it¹s also brought me some of the most rewarding and incredible experiences of my life. My friends and family are everything to me. I hold them close to my heart and wish they could all be with me for every day of this journey. I love the ocean, I love to hike and be in nature, I love to cook and I love to paint. I love Fleetwood Mac and I have a girl crush on Rihanna. I fucking hate playing cards and board games, I'd rather just talk or listen to music. I'll have a drink or two with friends but not too many. Okay, I hate being hungover, and I've been known to make the odd inappropriate phone call when wasted. I'm incredibly clumsy, I have multiple bruises on my thighs simply from running into tables and chairs. As I write this, I also have bruises on my forearms from playing volleyball. Truthfully, I find life a bit confusing, but lately I've been revelling in just how unpredictable and rewarding it can be. I over use swearwords but think they're a necessary part of language. I love the rain. I've worked many day jobs in my past and I could have been a pretty good waitress if I had tried a little harder. I'm obsessed with dogs. If you walk by me and you have one, I will pet it. Its compulsive, I can't help it.

I was going to mention that lions are my favorite wild animal and that I don't have a favorite color but then realized I'd just crossed a line. If you want to know more... just listen to the music.


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